In 2014 we commemorate the start of the greatest conflict ever experienced by our World - an experience which no sane person ever wishes to see repeated - a conflict which involved Countries World-wide with over thirty Countries alone coming to the aid of our small Country which as usual was fighting for the freedom of our allies like Belgium against a vastly superior (numerically) Enemy.

It is believed that there was not a family in this great Nation of ours that was not affected by this massive conflict - my own family lost a number of our menfolk (all regular soldiers) in this great cause of Freedom - thousands were widowed; children were orphaned - often before they were born; spinsters abounded after the Armistice because their prospective husbands did not survive the war.

It is right and proper that we should with true dignity and pride Commemorate this massive conflict which truly changed the course of history and I am honoured that your PCC has asked me to co-ordinate the Commemorations which we at St Mark's will be having.

A number of events are, hopefully, being organised and I wish to draw your attention to two of these events which, although a long way off, need detailed planning and which I sincerely hope that you will all support and attend.

The first of these is a Service of Commemoration and Thanksgiving on the 29th June at 4.00.p.m. 

It is hoped that the service will be attended by the Area's member of Parliament; the Area's Councillor's; the Royal British Legion; any other Ex-service organisations in Mosborough; the ATC; British Red Cross; St John's Ambulance etc.; the other Churches; local schools; scouts guides etc.  We are anticipating a 'Muster' of Standards and the laying up of these on the Altar for the service.

We hope to be able to trace direct descendants of the men of Mosborough and Halfway - named on the two War Memorials - who made the Supreme Sacrifice and invite them to the Service.  If any of you know the whereabouts of any of the descendants will you please let me know as soon as possible.

It will, hopefully, be a very dignified and inspiring Service.

The second event is a 'static display' of World War One memorabilia.  This will comprise anything to do with this period and include medals; photographs; newspaper cuttings; letters; handwritten stories of soldiers; of life at the front; of life at home; trench art and anything else to do with the period.  If you have anything which you are willing to loan to us please let me have details as soon as possible.

Whilst we do have ideas for other events if any of you wish to suggest ideas please do not hesitate to get in touch with me or leave a letter or note for me in the Vestry.

Pat Davey  
1914 - 1918